Blocked Drains

If you find yourself with blocked drains, Boundary Plumbing Services are able to help you out fast, delivering drain unblocking services, cleanly & cost-effectively across Bayside suburbs in Melbourne. We know these things happen unexpectedly. We are able to accommodate for your drain cleaning emergency, with our 24-hour drain service.

Being blocked drain specialists we are highly experienced in drain unblocking services, using the latest top-end water jetters that jet blast blocked drains with ease. Many plumbers still use steel drain snakes which can generally cause further damage. We use top-end 5000 psi water jetters to ensure we can meet your blocked drains solution safely.

For drain line video footage we are also using brand new cctv cameras for drain inspection, ensuring we don’t miss anything in damage assessment & analysing the current state of drains.

floors to walls, water damage can be one of the most costly types of damage to your property. Damage can be one of the most costly types of damage to your property.

Emergency Drain Blockage Services

We know when a drain cleaning emergency occurs, you need a plumbing fix fast! We offer a 24 hour emergency drain service, with our on call plumber to unblock drains fast & cost effectively. We offer $0 call out fees Monday – Saturday between 7 – 4 pm.  We understand the importance of customer service & are happy to go above and beyond to deliver a quick response when you need it most!

Some of the typical blocked drain issues we can help you with include:

  • Blocked shower drain
  • Blocked bathroom sink drain
  • Blocked kitchen sink
  • Blocked toilet drain
  • Emergency drain blockage
  • Sewer drain cleaning
  • Blocked stormwater drains

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